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Summer 2011 Anime Preview: Kamisama Dolls

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Brain’s Base has a new series hitting this summer that’s being adapted from the eight volume manga series of the same name, Kamisama Dolls. The manga, beginning in 2007, is from Hajime Yamamura, who has had several manga series to his name but this is his first one to be adapted into an anime series. The series is being directed by Seiji Kishi for the studio and he’s got some interesting credits to his name, including the new Carnival Phantasm OV release. He’s more known over here for directing Magikano, Ragnarok and My Bride is a Mermaid, but also handled the direction for Angel Beats! and Galaxy Angel Rune. He’s working off of the script being done by Makoto Uezo, who worked with him on several of those shows in the same capacity as well as Ah! My Buddha and School Days. The series is planned for thirteen episode starting on July 5th.

Plot concept: Kyouhei, after moving away to Tokyo from his old town to get away from the events that happened, is on a goukon with his friends, including his old neighbor, Shiba. After drinking for a whole night, he and Shiba discover a dead, bloody, body in the elevator. He is told by his younger sister, Utao with her Kamisama Doll, that Aki, an old friend, and his Doll, are the culprits responsible.

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