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DMM Pictures Reveals More ‘Project Scard: Scar on the Praeter’ Anime DVD/BD Release Packaging

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Check out the home video release deets.

The winter 2021 anime series Scar on the Praeter has its home video releases being handled by DMM Pictures. The thirteen-episode series is getting a four-volume release that begins April 28th, 2021 where the DVDs are priced at 8,000 yen for the first three and 9,000 yen for the fourth. The Blu-rays are priced the same. After getting the first volume cover and packaging recently, we now have the packaging for the second and third sets. Check the schedule below for details!

The series is directed by Shingo Suzuki based on the series composition by Tamazo Yanagi. Shingo Suzuki also worked on the character designs with GoHands handling the animation production for it. Keiji Tani and Makoto Furuta are on board as the chief animation directors.

The Japanese cast includes Arthur Lounsbery as Yamato Kai, Atsushi Kousaka as Eiji Arashiba, Junya Enoki as Kagami Sakishima, Shōya Chiba as Kazuma Arashiba, Katsumi Fukuhara as Hokuto Kurama, Kenjiro Tsuda as Hræsvelgr Sakiyo, Sho Nogami as Jin Karasue, Takeaki Masuyama as Ran Washimine, Taku Yashiro as Kōga Tatsuma, Tasuku Hatanaka as Itsuki Torataka, and Yōji Ueda as Morrigan Sakiyo.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: The series is set in the Akatsuki Special Ward in Tokyo, protected by men with a “Divine Tattoo” called the Scard. As such, the group is split into factions: The Helios, who utilize their tattoos to protect the city; Artemis, a security force protecting the organization; and the Public Security Special Service, the de facto police force of the city that maintain order.

Every day in Akatsuki is another day to fight on.

Volume Date Extras
1 04/28/21 Booklet, Digest Video Screening Event, Cast Commentary
2 05/26/21 Booklet
3 06/30/21 Booklet
4 07/28/21 Booklet
Project Scard Japanese Volume 4 Cover
Project Scard Japanese Volume 3 Packaging
Project Scard Japanese Volume 3 Cover
Project Scard Japanese Volume 2 Packaging
Project Scard Japanese Volume 2 Cover
Project Scard Japanese Volume 1 Packaging
Project Scard Japanese Volume 1 Cover

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