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Fandom Post Radio Episode #77: Bunkered Down

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We talk about anime, it's what we do! This week, we cover a bit of Dorohedoro, Gundam, Attack on Titan, and the loss of a titan in our community.

Episode 77: “Bunkered Down”

After a soul-crushing two weeks, we return for an episode of mostly news. We say a few belated words on the passing of ANN co-creator Zac Bertschy. We talk about the change of studio for the final season of Attack on Titan. Then the talk lightens as we discuss anime merchandise tie ins, the more ridiculous the better. Are you pro or nah Char-dines? Even in these dark times we can’t stay mired in dismay forever. Cabin fever and delayed shipping aside… we have some recommendations for you. Stay safe, stay well, we stand with you.

Here’s a Direct Download link to Episode 77.

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