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‘Batman ’66’ Getting Animated Film

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Batman 66Naturally, details are slim to none at this point really, but at a Mad Monster Party panel appearance this weekend in North Carolina, guests adam West and Burt Ward of the original Batman ’66 TV series revealed that they will be voicing their characters in a new animated feature film. Saying it would be a 90 minute feature that works the classic approach of the property, and that there will definitely be one (though there could be more), it’s certainly exciting to see that this property continues to gain traction again. This’ll presumably be similar to the other DC Comics animated feature films that are direct to video, though one could imagine this one getting some limited theatrical engagements as part of a celebration since next year is the 50th anniversary of the TV show.

After legal and rights issues abounded for years, everything finally made its way back into the hands of DC Comics/Warner Bros in the last few years, which has launched a number of merchandise releases into the market as well as the Batman ’66 comic book series, bringing fans back to one of their more treasured interpretations of the character.

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