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Crunchyroll Sets Spring Continuation Anime Simulcasts

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Crunchyroll ButtonWith a lot of new shows coming up on the streaming services, we’re also seeing them putting out reminders of what’s ongoing as well as those can get lost in the shuffle of all the shiny new shows. Crunchyroll has put up their spring 2015 lineup for the season and they’ve got a lot of shows continuing on.

  1. Naruto Shippuden: Season 17
  2. One Piece
  3. Fairy Tail Series 2
  4. Sailor Moon Crystal
  5. Tribe Cool Crew
  6. World Trigger
  7. Case Closed
  8. Cardfight!! Vanguard G
  9. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders – Battle in Egypt
  10. Kuroko’s Basketball 3
  11. Folktales from Japan
  12. Durarara!! X2 (Dub)

With a dozen shows continuing on, one of which is of the dub premiere as well, there’s a lot of top tier shows there that continue to get a lot of attention across different genres. Crunchyroll currently has ten slots listed for the spring 2015 season, a few of which we already know of as Aniplex USA has revealed what they’ve licensed and will be streaming through them. Those shows include:

  1. Gunslinger Stratos
  2. Nisekoi Season 2
  3. Plastic Memories
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