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‘Justice League’ Movie Gearing For 2015 Release

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Things can movie incredibly fast or incredibly slow in Hollywood and sometimes all it needs is a kicker to get it going. With the ongoing litigation about the Superman rights getting tweaked in the last few days (though certainly not ending, as far as I can tell and based on years of litigation), Warner Bros. is feeling far more confident about its rights status with the character and the upcoming Man of Steel film. Enough so now that they’re talking about moving forward with their Justice League plans and looking at a summer 2015 release date for it, square against the May 2015 release of The Avengers.

Bold move to be sure, especially since unlike The Avengers, they won’t have years of careful buildup towards it as Marvel did. There’s nothing to say about the project at the moment other than Warner Bros. is apparently happy with the script that’s being worked on by will BeallNo director is attached and no casting has been thought of, though there’s the obvious choice of at least establishing some continuity with Henry Cavill as he takes on the Superman role. The general approach looks to be what I thought it could be before, where other than Man of Steel, which may very well tie into it (and should in an end sequence or post credit sequence at the least), is that the Justice League will go in reverse of The Avengers and spin out separate films from there, which could mean either team-up films to help bolster the approach or individual character films, including a potentially relaunched Batman, as you know Warner Bros. won’t let that sit too long to reboot.

[Source: LA Times]

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