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K Episode #03 Anime Review

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Shiro starts to understand what’s really going on and just how much danger he’s in.

What They Say:
After an all-night chase, an exhausted Shiro, Kuroh, and Neko decide to make a temporary truce to have breakfast. As they eat, Kuroh gives Shiro more background about the seven Kings and the Clans they lead.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
While K has been visually appealing over the first two episodes, both in the designs and how its presented with camera shots and flow, it’s been very underwhelming when it comes to story. There’s been bits here and there in the lead-up to the series release that it would take a good six episodes or so for things to start coming into shape and there’s something to admire about shows like that in that they want to trust in an audience that will stick with it and try to suss out the real story. Unfortunately, K hasn’t provided much to really latch onto as the characters are still mostly blank slates and the story is just a series of events happening that don’t feel like they’re really tied together.

K has attempted to give us small nuggets of information here and there, largely focused on Munakata as he goes about his work, but generally it’s been all bout Shiro and his escape from attack after just trying to go through his life. The down time after that chase as he holes up with Neko and Kuroh is useful as it plays out because it attempts to bring in a bit of the story, showcasing how there’s various groups of people with psychic powers and this one has mistaken Shiro for someone that attacked and killed one of their members. There’s a lot of power behind them, obviously, and they’re intent on taking down Shiro and not listening to his attempts to clear the air.

Kuroh’s not part of these groups but he was assigned a mission to seek out someone called the Colorless King, one who would be quite powerful but not beholden to the existing Seven Kings that are out there. And if he finds him and he’s evil, he’s supposed to eliminate him. That makes it clear what Shiro’s role in events will be and that he’ll not fall victim to Kuroh overall as he’s certainly not evil, but there’s likely to be temptations along the way. We do get to see a sort of understanding come between the two, particularly now that Shiro has a greater view of some of the underlying basics of how the world really works, but you can see there’s still a lot of potential for tension there.

In Summary:
The third episode of K does attempt to bring a bit more story into things and it manages to smooth out some of the bigger wrinkles, though not completely. The shows strengths for me so far has been its animation and that comes across well here, though it’s a much more milder and action-less piece for the most part. Visually it draws me in quite a lot. Story wise, it does firm up just a touch and offers an idea of where it’s going to go in a very large sense, so it has plenty of options. But there’s this sense that while there is definition of the world, the viewer is far from privy to it and that creates a distance between the viewer and the show. I want to know more and I suspect this will be a show that’s great in marathon form, but it’s frustrating in episodic form.

Grade: C

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