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NBC Options ‘Midnight, Mass’ Comic For TV Series

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NBC has picked up the rights to the Vertigo comic book mini series Midnight, Mass, which ran as an eight issue limited series in 2002 and a six issue followup called Midanight, Mass: Here There Be Monsters in 2004. The book, written by John Rozum and illustrated by Jesus Saiz, has yet to be collected even ten years later, though that may change now that NBC has picked up the rights. NBC did try to bring this to reality before during their 2009 development season, butit never made it past the scripting stage. Renewing the option gives it hope for another shot next year with an early push towards producing a pilot. Evan Daugherty of Snow White and the Hunstman fame is set to write the adaptation with Warner Bros. TV and Gerber Pictures producing it for NBC.

Plot Concept: The series centres on the world famous occult experts and monster hunters Adam and Julia Kadmon, who live in the town of Midnight, Massachusetts. The Kadmon’s new assistant, Jenny, has just arrived to work for the couple and soon finds herself plunged into their world of monsters and strange goings on.

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