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Eureka 7: Astral Ocean Episode #20 Anime Review

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Under siege, it’s time for the gang to abandon base.

What They Say:
With Blanc gone and the Generation Bleu Headquarters beseiged by the Allied Forces, Ao and the others must figure out what they believe in and whether it’s worth fighting for.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the way Generation Bleu has lost its status, it’s no surprise that the general feeling about the company and its operatives have shifted due to the media narrative. But that’s really the least of their problems, especially for Fleur after dealing with the fake father of hers that showed up in the previous episode, as the Allied Forces are now intent on taking all of them down by force in order to acquire what they need for their own goals. Goals within goals and manipulations within manipulations. But as we’ve had before, it’s doing things that just make sense in its own internal way and feels either forced or disconnected from the outside. Seeing the Generation Bleu facility under attack is certainly interesting as they have their own pushback while trying to get as many to evacuate as possible.

The episode focuses on the action to a good deal as we get the escape side of it along with what Ao is doing in the Nirvash as he helps defend and expand his own knowledge. But the show also wants to go all wacky on us in a way with the evolution that Truth is going through as we see him pretty much bond with, well, something, while wearing his little bell collar. He’s gone completely over the edge after everything that’s happened and with even more power in his possession now, he’s ready to cause a lot of trouble. This allows him to show off a bit and provide a parallel story to the Generation Bleu crew that got out as they try to shore up their own support, members and gear so they can deal with what’s still to come.

In Summary:
Not surprisingly, with the state of the world, new alliances are being formed to deal with the impending threat. It is amusing seeing some of the behind the scenes manipulations that have gone on, such as what Secrets did with the Japanese government, but as a whole the show has felt like it’s being far too clever for its own good while not laying out some of the basics for people to latch onto with it. When it’s revealed here, it’s not something that just clicks into place, it’s simply another piece of information. What helps move things along here is some of the action and getting to see Truth cut loose with his newfound abilities. That and the final couple of minutes where we see Fleur’s father and Georg work through their agreement with what needs to be done with the Scub Coral. It gives the show a focus it feels like it hasn’t had much of it and that’s definitely important.

Grade: C

Streamed By: FUNimation

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