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Bandai Entertainment Anime Expo 2011 Panel

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After a delay that has truly defined panel programming for a lot of Anime Expo convention attendees this weekend, the Bandai Entertainment panel got started about 30 minutes late after wrangling with a few minor technical difficulties. The panel went through the usual routine of showing off trailers for upcoming releases that have been previously solicited. This can be frustrating for some, and most every panel does it, but while there are many that are aware of what a company is putting out, there are far more that it’s pretty much a shock and surprise as to what’s really been licensed and coming out in the next few months.

Mobile Suit Gundam Anime Legends set appear to have a release date of Sept. 13th

Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya movie is slated for Sept. 20th 2011

Turn A Gundam trailer was shown, however it is still only slated for 2011 so there is no firm date yet

Star Driver was shown but no date was given

Sacred Seven was talked about as the new simulcast that will begin on July 8th and be on both Hulu and Crunchyroll, which eliminates another Crunchyroll simulcast

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