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My Ordinary Life Episode #14 Review

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Nano heads to school and finds herself in for quite an adventure.

What They Say:
Nano goes to school, the Igo Soccer Club learns the rules, while Mio and Yukko yell compliments at each other.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the professor making things possible for Nano in the last episode to go to school, the second half of the series kicks off well with a new opening to celebrate and a whole lot of time spent at first dealing with Nano getting ready. She’s so intent and happily serious about it that she’s paying attention to all the details. Keeping the shedding Sakamoto away from uniform is a key thing though and it’s cute that Sakamoto kind of plays the fact that he’s being a nuisance to her. The professor herself though is kind of regretting let all of this happen since she doesn’t want to be alone, but Nano knows how to manipulate her fairly well at this point so she can get out with just a few promises to be made about what she’ll bring back.

Bringing Nano into the school setting does add for some good fun, especially as she struggles with the screw on her back and how she’ll be perceived, but more importantly it’s a change that brings a couple of different sides of the series into contact with each other. The separate storylines and simple sketches have been fun, but bringing a couple of them together like this adds a little more fun since we get to see the teacher trying to figure out about the screw and Nano interacting with the other kids. It’s small and simple comedy to be sure like we’ve seen, but how they deal with each other is where a lot of the fun really comes in. Nano and her teacher are so alike in personality in a way that it’s even more comical when the question of the screw comes up.

Thankfully, the show doesn’t follow Nano exclusively (that needs to be saved for a much needed spinoff with her, the professor and Sakamoto), and we do get to see the other kids going through their lives. There’s an amusing sports gag with the soccer guys and Yukko’s dealing with the heat is amusing in general. The other main kids all introduce themselves to Nano and their friendly personalities are spot on with how they deal with her. The whole lunch scenario is comical as it unfolds with how Yukko is with it, especially in her eating twice cooked pork on the run back from getting it, and the way she screwed up the order. Throwing Nano into the mix with them initially trying to get her to eat with them, and Yukko’s blunt assessment that she’s a robot, makes for some awkward moments you have to laugh at because of the silliness of it all. As much as Yukko stands out, Mio really goes over the top here and so much is revealed about her feelings that it just raises the stakes over and over, which raises the laughs.

In Summary:
With the second half of the series underway here, there’s a whole lot to like as it starts to bring some of the cast into more contact with each other. There’s a light and simple kind of fun with what Nano goes through at first, but the second half is completely over the top with Mio and Yukko going after each other with middle school abandon. It’s like a flood being let loose with their emotions that have been bottled up all this time and the two of them just keep ramping it up more and more to great effect. And poor Nano is just sitting there watching it all with panic and concern in her eyes about how this relationship is actually going to work. Her naive nature works well here and Nano has some of the best material in the episode, but the Mio and Yukko segment tops things simply because it’s so out of character for them to go this far with each other. Definitely a fun episode that makes you grin and laugh a heck of a lot.

Grade: B+

Simulcast By: Crunchyroll

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