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Kilowog Cast? And Mark Strong On ‘Green Lantern’

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Green Lantern news has been very slim for a bit, but it’s slowly starting to heat up with a pair of pieces out today from separate sources. First, Latino Review has the goods on the character of Kilowog in that it appears that Michael Duncan Clarke is in talks to take on the role of voicing one of the favorite characters of the Green Lantern Corps that has a personality like no other. We’ve seen some shots of the character from the trailer and a lot of pre-production sketches, so the voice could definitely work for it, though it won’t ever match what some people have created in their minds over the years.

From a different area, MTV Splash Page has managed to grab a little time with Mark Strong who is playing Sinestro in the film and asking him why we’ve seen so little about the character and the movie so far when it comes to promotions. “They’ve released something, but it’s all going to be coming out in June. I think that stuff takes a while to get right, they don’t want to release it before it’s ready.”

Strong also commented on what it was like working on such a CG heavy film, which was relatively new for him. “[There’s] all this Earth-bound stuff and there’s space stuff. And obviously the space stuff was all in a big green warehouse and we all wore grey tracksuits with dots on,” he told LeicesterSquareTV (viaComicBookMovie) on the red carpet at the 2011 Empire Awards. “It’s like trying to make a jigsaw puzzle with two thirds of the pieces missing,” he added, “so I can’t wait to see it myself.”

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