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Helen Mirren Keen On Returning To ‘Red’ Sequel

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Helen Mirren was one of the high points in a very fun and solid movie with the comic book adaptation of Red and Summit loved that the movie had some definitely legs to it as it earned money week after week even with a slow start, doing better than most other films launched at the same time. Summit was so keen on it they announced the start of a sequel with the script being commissioned in January. Things have been quiet since by MTV Splash Page managed to find Helen Mirren recently while doing a press junket for Arthur and kindly asked her a few questions.

“Nothing, just get me the script,” Mirren said. “You don’t have to do anything. I’m there,” she added. “Absolutely.”

I then took a moment to gush a bit about how fun it was to watch Mirren in the movie.

“Wasn’t that fun? I really enjoyed that, I couldn’t believe my good luck,” she said. “It was fabulous. And it was great because when they asked me, I always imagined I was maybe the fourth or fifth person they’d asked. They said, ‘No no NO! The minute we got the script we kind of wrote it for you, you were the only person we ever thought of to play this role,’ it was great.”

How great is she? An Oscar-winner with a crazy-prolific career, thinking she was fourth or fifth choice? Amazing.

Anyway, I then asked Mirren what trouble she’d like her character to get into in the sequel.

“Oh I don’t know, I’d like to go to a hot climate and only have a few scenes, very spread out,” she said with a laugh.

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