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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode #09 Review

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“The Harbinger”

What They Say:
As the Batch plans their next move, a mysterious stranger arrives.

The Review:
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With small movements in the previous episode, we had some solid things happen in different ways. Some of it was just a reason to bring Fennec back in for a bit and I won’t complain about that. But we also got some quality time between Omega and Crosshair that has been welcome to see considering their relationship over the years. And we got a new world for Wrecker and Hunter to visit which wasn’t something we saw often before, if at all, and made for some creative action and situations for them to deal with. This episode opens with a cute moment of Wrecker teasing Crosshair for making a new friend but mostly we’re just in this space where it’s the team waiting to find out what Fennec has for information so they can start figuring out this M-count thing.

What becomes intriguing is that Omega and Batcher end up discovering a ship hidden away on the island but it turns out to be the person Fennec sent with the information to give to the Clones. That it turns out to be Ventress is an absolute delight in this form and it’s an engaging discussion as she gets them to admit as to why they want the information and for Omega to think she might be a Jedi. The discussion of M-count versus being truly Force sensitive are things we already know but seeing Ventress giving Omega some of the minor tests regarding it after Omega pleads is a lot of fun. Omega just wants to know who and what she is to try and understand herself and why she’s being so sought after. Vemtress is definitely amusing to watch as she deals with all of Omega’s questions and just the personality itself. Omega’s not falling easily or quickly into being Force-sensitive here so that’s a plus. But things get complicated in a different way when Hunter and the others figure out who Ventress really is.

I get why they opt to try and get Ventress to leave – especially since she found them unexpectedly – but that it goes into a fight instead of trying to manage it in a different way is a bit frustrating. That said, it’s a great action sequence as she deals with them with such confidence and ease. The tension and visuals for it all works quite well and it’s just enjoyable to have Ventress back in action as she tries to keep things from going too far here but the ‘Batch just can’t help nudging her to action. I do love when Omega comes back that Hunter tries to make it clear the Ventress is a war criminal but the reality is that the ‘Batch can be labeled that as well. It’s not a redemption arc for Ventress but more a piece where she knows the larger threat here and has been just as manipulated as so many others because of Palpatine’s machinations. And Omega’s attempt at smoothing things over, noting to Crosshair in particular that she pushed for him to get a second chance, is a good moment. Omega’s taking more of a position of agency here in her own way and I definitely like the dynamic between her and Ventress.

In Summary:
Variations on the Force have long been a staple of Star Wars and I enjoyed watching as Ventress connects with things a bit here when it comes to Omega. It touches on the familiar but her approach and style give it a flair of its own. And Omega has a good parallel to Luke in a comical way that makes me smile here. The big part that I like is that Ventress talks about how Omega’s time with the rest of her group is what may be holding her back as they’re honing her on the military side but unable to give her what she needs to sense and engage with the Force. So when she does see Ventress use it – in a light and beautiful way – it definitely touches her and makes her realize that she may be holding back. It’s an intriguing final test that’s hard for the ‘Batch to watch unfold but is definitely important for Omega to understand in different ways just what the Force can be and do. Again, I won’t call this a redemption episode for Ventress, but it is an important episode for the character and fans of her.

Grade: B+

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