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Crackle Sets April 2024 Streaming Plans

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Check out what's available on the Crackle service.

The Crackle service has its April 2024 slate of what’s available on the service now available with:

Coming to Crackle in April!

Who couldn’t use a dose of free entertainment to get your Spring sprung in the most exciting way possible? Catch all of these amazing titles for FREE on Crackle in April!


Lancaster Skies

Feature Film

A solitary Spitfire ace pilot must overcome his past to lead a Lancaster bomber crew in the pivotal aerial war over Berlin in 1944.

Cast: Rosa Coduri-Fulford (Sexy Beast), Vin Hawke (The Terror), David Dobson (Doctor Who)

Available: 04/01/24

The Platform

Crackle Exclusive Series

The programmer genius Karam’s eventful youth has left him in disbelief of people and their view of the truth. To ensure the accuracy of facts, he creates an AI internet portal called “the platform,” which becomes an international success at truth finding. But when he finally succeeds and feels free, he gets drawn back into his old world to find his family in an even worse condition. Can he and his team also fix his demons from the past?

Cast: Dene Caine (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), Samer Ismael (Breaking Bones), Reham Alkassar (Greek Salad)

Available: 04/01/24

The Silence

Feature Film

13-year-old Sinikka vanishes on a hot summer night. Her bicycle is found in the exact place where a girl was killed 23 years ago. The dramatic present forces those involved in the original case to face their past.

Cast: Ulrich Thomsen (A Violent Man), Claudia Michelsen (The Tower), Wotan Wilke Möhring (The Island)

Available: 04/01/24

The Kids in the Hall

Television Series

“The Kids in the Hall” is a unique and bizarre sketch comedy series that incites humor through an intellectual lens of comedic creativity and character-driven sketches.

Cast: David Foley (News Radio), Bruce McCulloch (Arrested Development), Kevin McDonald (Invader ZIM)

Available: 04/01/24

Day of Wrath

Feature Film

In the midst of the Spanish Inquisition, prominent noblemen and their guards are found butchered, bloody letters carved on their chest – only for the corpses to vanish shortly afterwards without a trace. As Sheriff Ruy de Mendoza investigates these heinous crimes, he finds a mystifying wall of silence, where even the widows of the murdered men deny that anything might have occurred. Obsessed with uncovering the truth, Ruy finds himself in the middle of a dark and dangerous conspiracy that soon threatens not only his own life, but that of his family.

Cast: Christopher Lambert (Highlander), Blanca Marsillach (Snatch),  Brian Blessed (Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace)

Available: 04/01/24

Losin’ It

Feature Film

Set in 1965, four rowdy teenage guys travel to Tijuana, Mexico for a night of partying when they are joined by a heartbroken housewife who is in town seeking a quick divorce.

Cast: Tom Cruise (Top Gun: Maverick), Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen), John Stockwell (Top Gun)

Available: 04/01/24

Holy Rollers

Feature Film

​​A crime thriller inspired by true events about a drug ring trafficking ecstasy pills to the New York Club scene. Sam Gold, studying to become a Rabbi, reluctantly follows the path his family has chosen for him. A charming neighbor, Yosef, senses Sam’s discontent and propositions him to transport medicine for an Israeli dealer, and his girlfriend, Rachel.

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), Justin Bartha (The Hangover), Danny A. Abeckaser (You Don’t Mess With the Zohan)

Available: 04/01/24

Deadly Dispatch

Feature Film

After her best friend is tragically murdered in an apparent robbery gone wrong, Tiffany Jackson takes justice in her own hands to find his killer.

Cast: Tamala Jones (Castle), DomiNque Perry (American Hero), Martinez (The Walking Dead)

Available: 04/01/24


Feature Film

Academy Award-nominee Mickey Rourke delivers one of his strongest performances as Johnny Walker, a washed-up boxer looking for one more shot in the ring. With hard-hitting fight scenes, gritty drama and a knockout performance by Oscar winner Christopher Walken, Homeboy is an unforgettable film about a man who refuses to give up on his last chance to make good.

Cast: Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler), Christopher Walken (Pulp Fiction), Debra Feuer (To Live and Die in L.A.)

Available: 04/01/24

The Contract

Feature Film

A father and his son attempt to bring in an assassin to the authorities, but his dangerous associates have other plans.

Cast: John Cusack (Say Anything), Morgan Freeman (The Shawshank Redemption), Jamie Anderson (The Kid)

Available: 04/01/24

Finding Buck Henry

Feature Film

When an 11 year old boy gets cut from his Little League baseball team, he sets out to form his own team. He persuades a school custodian to be the coach. As the new coach starts working with the team, his knowledge leads the boy to suspect that the man is really an ex-Negro League legend who disappeared from sight years ago. The kid sets out to find out the truth about the man’s background. 

Cast: Ossie Davis (Do the Right Thing), Ruby Dee (American Gangster), Kevin Jubinville (Murdoch Mysteries)

Available: 04/01/24


Limited Series

As a giant meteor threatens to destroy the earth, it’s up to a brilliant scientist to save the day. This two episode television mini-series covering a meteor, Kassandra, heading to Earth on a collision course for an “extinction level event”.

Cast: Billy Campbell (Star Trek: Prodigy), Marla Sokoloff (The Practice), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future)

Available: 04/01/24

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