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Top 10 Movies & TV Shows on Netflix Japan for February 18th, 2024

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Did you help these properties make the top ten?

It’s a week of Netflix charts for the Japanese side that covers the period of February 12th, 2024 to February 18th, 2024. Netflix has restructured how they measure things as of the middle of June 2023 so the charts are looking a bit different. The anime side is doing well as we get six properties in the top ten as the winter season is underway as the original Mashle joined the chart previously in addition to the new season that’s underway. We also get Kingdom with its fifth season as well as properties like Solo Leveling and The Apothecary Daries holding on.

On the movie side, the chart changes things up a good bit from the previous week. The recent John Wick: Chapter 4 moves from seventh to fifth while the live-action film Yellow Dragon’s Village slips to fourth and The Devil Wears Prada drops to third as Out takes the top spot. Beyond that, we get a good mix of large non-US films on the chart this week which works well to showcase more work from the area, though I wish more were available on Netflix US.

# TV Shows Movies
1 Extremely Inappropriate! Season 1 Out
2 Housed of Ninjas Season 1 The Confidence Man JP – Episode of the Hero –
3 A Killer Paradox Season 1 The Devil Wears Prada
4 Eye Love You Season 1 Yellow Dragon’s Village
5 Magic and Muscles: Mashle: Magic And Muscles The Divine Visionary Candidate Exam Arc John Wick: Chapter 4
6 Doctor Slump Limited Series Badland Hunters
7 Magic and Muscles Lost in Perfection
8 Solo Leveling Season 1 Lover, Stalker, Killer
9 The Apothecary Diaries Season 1 Home Alone
10 Kingdom Season 5 Home Alone 2


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