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Discotek Media Teases 2nd ‘Cat’s Eye’ Anime Blu-ray Season Collection Release

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The classic gets a new lease on life and a potentially significant upgrade.

The Cat’s Eye series has seen a couple of licensors tackle it over the years and most recently the folks at Discotek Media are taking a stab at it! The distributor previously revealed plans for a spring 2022 release for the first season of 36 episodes of the show where it’ll be brought out on Blu-ray. That arrived on April 26th, 2022 after being announced in December 2021 where it had the first 36 episodes.

Now, Discotek Media is following up on its announcement by confirming that it’s still in the works and planned for the end of 2022. It’ll have 37 episodes to bring it to completion and while they don’t have more details yet, they noted that the clean opening and closing sequences will be extremely clean as they’re scanned from the 35mm masters.

The show originally ran for 73 episodes through 1985 and the series was released on DVD in North America through Nozomi Entertainment, who acquired it in summer 2013.

The series is available through RetroCrush.  The two-season series is in its original Japanese with English subtitles. You can find the series page here.

Plot concept: The three Kisugi sisters—Rui, Hitomi and Ai—during the day run a small cafe called “Cat’s Eye.” To discover the whereabouts of their father, the artist Michael Heintz, who has disappeared, Hitomi and her sisters rob art galleries as the smart and mysterious thief “Cat’s Eye” in the hope that his works can give them clues about his vanishing. The crucial point is that Hitomi has a relationship with Toshi, a police inspector who has sworn to catch “Cat’s Eye”—and of course he has no idea about Hitomi’s double life.