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2nd ‘Orient’ Anime Cour Gets English Dub Plan Set

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Ancient Japanese warriors, invaders from another world, and... motorcycles?! You don't want to miss this crazy, action-packed shonen manga by the creator of Magi!
© Shinobu Ohtaka / Kodansha

The continuation of an anime adaptation is in our future as Shinobu Ohtak’s latest manga series, Orient, has been given the nod. The first cour, which Crunchyroll picked up and simulcast already, debuted on January 5th, 2022. The second cour got underway recently with a July 11th, 2022 date for it and now the folks at Crunchyroll are talking about the dub for this part of the run. It’s set to debut on August 1st, 2022 at 4:30 pm ET with Tony Oliver directing it based on the scripts from Meli Grant.

The English cast includes:

The project has Tetsuya Yanagisawa on board to direct it based on the scripts overseen by Mariko Kunisawa. Takahiro Kishida is handling the character designs with ACGT handling the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes Yuma Uchida as Musashi, Soma Saito as Kojiro Kanemaki, Rie Takahashi as Tsugumi Hattori, Satoshi Hino as Naotora Takeda, Hiro Shimono as Shirō Inukai, Azumi Waki as Nanao Inusaka, Wataru Hatano as Hideo Kosameda, Haruki Ishiya as Aoshi Sanada, Saori Ōnishi as Shunrai Yamamoto, and Katsuyuki Konishi as Jisai Kanemaki.

The first season features the opening theme song “Break Out” by Da-iCE” and the ending theme song “Naniiro” by Wataru Hatano. The second season features the opening theme song “Break it down” by Da-iCE” and the ending theme song “Irochigai no Itotaba” by Gakuto Kajiwara.

The series began in 2018 with eleven volumes out as of the announcement. Kodansha Comics is releasing it in English with seven volumes translated so far.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept:  At age 10, best friends Musashi and Kojiro sat in excited silence as Kojiro’s father spun tales of evil demons who preyed on the innocent, and the warriors who defeated them. Practicing swordplay, the two swear an oath to become the strongest in the world. But as they grow up, Kojiro turns cynical, and Musashi comes to realize that he can’t turn back 150 years of demon rule on his own. He’s being called a prodigy with a pickaxe, and he’s almost ready to settle for a life of labor. Yet he can’t shake the feeling that he still has a responsibility to act…and, soon, the injustices of his world will force his hand…

© Shinobu Ohtaka / Kodansha
© Shinobu Ohtaka / Kodansha
© Shinobu Ohtaka / Kodansha
© Shinobu Ohtaka / Kodansha