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Back Arrow Episode #07 Anime Review

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It feels like watching a snail walking.
© Goro Taniguchi, Kazuki Nakajima, ANIPLEX / Back Arrow Production Committee

What They Say:
“Is The Wall That Really Solid”

All eyes are on the Granedger as it closes in on the wall to destroy it. While Rekka waits for the right chance to strike, Shu Bi pulls out the big guns.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
It’s intriguing that the villagers doubt is having a central point in this journey. Some of them are elders, they weary from running away from everyone, and don’t want to break their beliefs as they approach the wall. They just want the peace of mind and body that they had when they were living in Edger Village. They don’t have the same energy to keep up with the crazy antics of the younger crowd. They reach the wall in the neutral zone and Back Arrow and Atlee go buck wild trying to destroy the wall but it’s impenetrable and they get blown away to Rekka territory. Bit gets sucked into being Shu Bi’s unknowingly pawn and forgets about his past. The young crowd isn’t thinking of how their actions have consequences. Elsha is the only one who spares a thought for her people and wants to do help them.     

The political drama has been unfolding in Rekka and now the curtain shines on Lutoh. Lutoh shares similar conditions to Rekka to the point where it’s becoming a bit dull. There are similar. The princess, Fine Forte, has a strong desire for peace. But she is more like a figurehead and others beneath her are doing as they please. There was the noble, Lord Walston who was conducting experiments on young children and going against the princess’s wishes of not waging war on the small village. He got off easy with a warning but holds contempt for how the princess behaves. Things could have gone easy for him but he had to complain with such a thundering voice. One of Fine Forte’s most loyal supporters, Prax Conrad makes a roaring appearance as she cuts off the noble’s arms just because he badmouths Fine. She just shrugs it off without care when confronted by other high-ranking nobles.   

Prax Conrad continues with her roaring entrance as she lives up to her moniker, Prax The Bloodstained. Back Arrow gets trapped in a fight under the pretense that he stepped into Rekka’s land. A new powerful foe, Bai pushes Back Arrow to his limits and all seems lost. Prax flies on the scene on the orders of Fine. Her might proves to be too much for Bai and he must retreat. Prax bought Back Arrow enough time to step back in the neutral zone and avoid a war.   

Rekka is never far behind from the scene as they fastly move forward without Shu Bi. It’s a bit disappointing how fast Rekka moves past him and operates without him. He had a high-ranking position and he is too easily replaced. It could be a statement as to how Rekka can be compared to companies that are well-oiled machines that operate regardless of who has the helm.  

In Summary
It seems like there is so much happening in this episode but it’s moving so slowly to get to the point. It feels like watching a snail walking. Back Arrow has an endpoint in mind but it’s just taking its sweet time to get there. We have seen enough of working of Rekka so ifs the right time to move on to Lutoh. The new briheights have exquisite designs to them and continues to be the main attraction.

Grade: C

Streamed By: Funimation

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