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Fire Force Season 2 Episode #16 Anime Review

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The episode chose an appropriate title as my mind is blown at the amount of humor that comes out from the idiot trio of groups.
© Atsushi Ohkubo / Kodansha

What They Say:
“Mind Blown”

The three-way battle between Haijima, the White-Clad, and the 8th continues, but when Ritsu and Haumea both use their unique abilities, everyone involved is placed in imminent danger. It’s up to Vulcan and Arthur to turn things around.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
What was supposed to be a three-way battle has turned into a battle of confusion. Alliances between foes are formed as the war turns into madness. It’s been a while but this series is heading back to its roots as it seeks to delight the audience with its idiots and some slight fan service Maki and the Puppet Lady were at each other throats but the appearance of Haumea and Arrow throws them off their course. Even though Haumea and Arrow are part of the same team, Haumea marches to the tune of her own beat. Haumea gets angry with Arrow and unleashes tons of volts upon her. She goes as far as ripping off part of Arrow’s uniform. I was thinking that this season would avoid using fan service seeing as how it toned on Tamaki and focus on other positive aspects of her.   

© Atsushi Ohkubo / Kodansha

This show has always had tons of fun with its idiots and this episode delivers a strong performance with them. Kurono receives a call from the president of Haijima asking what is going on. Kurono is explaining that his strategy is to attack the weaker foes. He gets called stupid several times and spends the rest of the episode moping about how his job is tough. This is the first time in the show that a smartphone or any kind of cellphone has been used though. Why hasn’t there been any shown before? The only reason I could think of is that it’s a Haijima secret tool but it feels like they would release to the public. He was seen as a villain in prior episodes but his status becomes revolted as his role as a pawn in the cog machine becomes revealed. 

© Atsushi Ohkubo / Kodansha

On the other side, Vulcan created a device that will deal with Haumea’s electricity but he needs Authur’s help to activate it. He has to convince Authur to play his part. He is trying to convince Authur that he needs to put Excalibur into the “stone.” The “stone” is a device that will create an EMP and block Haumea’s powers. But Authur has some doubts as he remembers that the Arthurian tales are about pulling the sword out of the stone and not putting it into the stone. Vulcan has to use false logic to trick Authur into putting Excalibur into the weapon. The machine is activated and all three sides are happy that Haumea’s powers are blocked and cant create limitless madness.  

 And it seems like everyone else in this show becomes part of the idiot squad. The three sides are trying to get Nataku for some reason but a game of basketball breaks out. Nataku becomes a basketball for Captain Obi, Charon, and Kurono. Are they trying to save him or did they all forget why they came for him? All this episode needs is someone to be the basket and then it would make for a great game. 

Ritsu turns one of Haijima’s security guards into an Inferno and uses dead bodies to make the Inferno stronger. Then she fuses the Infernal to Nataku to further power up the Inferno. Then Haumea sends electric waves straight into Nataku’s brain to decalibrate his psyche and create a deadly attack that doesn’t separate allies from foes. This hasn’t been the best day for Nataku. First, he has hallucinations of a twisted individual, Rekka, who caused untold damage to him and haunts from beyond the grave. Then you have three different groups using him as a basketball. And finally, he becomes a giant monster. 

In Summary
The episode chose an appropriate title as my mind is blown at the amount of humor that comes out from the idiot trio of groups. There was quite a bit of action but it was followed with a ton of comedic hits that made it a blast to watch. With the monster attack, Kurono and Charon are both protecting Shinra. It’s uncanny to see these two protect Shinra. These two have spent quite a bit of time attempting to kill Shinra. There are moments where enemies must become allies and this episode created a brilliant scenario for that to occur.   

Grade: A

Streamed by: Crunchyroll

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