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Japan’s Menstrual Manga Hero Returns In New ‘Little Miss P’ Release From Yen Press

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Little Miss P: The Second Day is available now in-print and digitally from Yen Press’ online partners.

The folks at Yen Press are highlighting one of their titles of importance that should be a crossover title and the kind of thing that can help a lot of folks with Little Miss P: The Second Day. The book is the second in the series and is available now in-print and digitally. Created by Ken Koyama, the 224-page book is known originally as Seiri-chan and began in 2017 as serialized in Comic Beam magazine for Enterbrain. It’s currently at three volumes in Japan and is ongoing.

Yen Press highlights this volume saying, “Because everyone’s cycle is different, there’s a Seiri-chan (or period) for each person. But they all look (more or less) the same, so it’s easier to call them ‘Seiri-chan’ as a group.

When that Seiri-chan knocks on your door (or climbs through your window, it could be good or bad news. If it’s your first time meeting her, it means your periods just started. It means you’re not pregnant, as well. Little Miss P depicts this emotional rollercoaster with poignancy and an insightfulness that makes this release an ideal example of “essay” manga that realistically deal with the trials and tribulations of emotions and a variety of life experiences.”

Plot Concept: It’s that time of month, and you know what that means…a visit from Little Miss P! She always seems to show up at just the wrong time, generally armed with a heavy dose of fatigue and poised to deliver a barrage of beatings that leave her hosts physically and mentally exhausted. Though Little Miss P is often met with dread and resignation, the realities of a woman’s period are widely misunderstood-especially by those who haven’t been subjected to her gut punches on a monthly basis. Join Little Miss P-along with Mr. Libido, Mr. Virginity, and Little Miss PMS-as she visits women in a variety of circumstances, advising, harassing, comforting, and delivering more than one obligatory PERIOD PUNCH in this humorous, heartwarming collection!

In the latest volume, like clockwork, Little Miss P has stopped by for another one of her energy-sapping, gut-twisting monthly visits! Despite the difficulties brought about by her arrival, women around the world-and galaxy-must find ways to cope with her (ir)regular visits, a task made easier by the support and understanding of those who care about them. Through frank discussion and a heavy flow of humor, this collection follows Little Miss P as she calls on women from all walks of life. No pop star, action hero, or office worker is exempt from Little Miss P’s formidable PERIOD PUNCH!

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