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Pokemon Company details Pokemon Unite, Snap, Cafe Mix, and Smile

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The Pokemon Company detailed a bunch of new games for players.

Over the past two weeks, The Pokemon Company announced major additions to the Pokémon family. Multiple titles were not expected and one was a great surprise for a return.

The first addition to the Pokémon families Pokémon Smile. Pokémon Smile is a teeth brushing mobile app game aimed at children. Kids will be able to see Pokémon as they brush their teeth. If they have great habits of brushing their teeth, they can defeat the various plaques while leveraging their Pokémon in the fight. To help with these habits, there will be various settings including notifications that will alert you and your kids when it’s time to brush their teeth. The game will be on both Android through Google play store, and Apple‘s iOS through the App Store.


Pokémon Café Mix is a free to start puzzle game that has you trying to create dishes and drinks for various Pokémon. Link various Pokémon’s together in order to create the best dishes possible. Work to create these drinks you can build friendships with your Pokémon clients which allow for more powerful attacks that makes clearing challenges easier.   

There will be a wide range of special modes and events with Pokémon Café mix including from July 1 to July 15 the ability to have Scorbunny as a customer.  Pokémon Café Mix is out for the Nintendo Switch today with the game playable exclusively through the use of the touchscreen.



After two decades, Pokemon Snap Returns.  New Pokemon Snap will cone on to the Nintendo Switch as a successor to the original Nintendo 64 Game.  Players will be tasked to take pictures of various Pokemon for points and try to capture the true essence of the Pokemon in the wild, with a camera.  More details will come out for the game soon.


Nintendo and Tencent through their TiMi Studios collaborated on a brand new game called Pokémon Unite. Pokémon Unite will be a Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where players will be on a five on five team to battle each other. Similar to the veins of all MOBA, players will have to work to score the most amount of points.

Players will need to catch Pokémon, level them up, and get them ready in fighting shape to take out the opposing team. The game will come out on Nintendo Switch as well as Android and iOS.

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