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Arte Episode #11 Anime Review

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Practice what you preach, or don’t. You do you, girl.
Arte Episode #11

Practice what you preach, or don’t. You do you, girl.

What They Say:
Episode #11: “The Faliers’ Portrait Painter”
An encounter at a local Venetian workshop leads Arte to work harder than ever as she finished up the Faliers’ portraits.

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

With the rift between Katarina and her mother on the mend and Arte’s student finally showing her ability, its time for Arte to focus on her main task. She works to finish the portraits of her patron’s sister-in-law and niece.

Yuri approaches Arte with a proposition. He offers to be her patron and have her be the family artist-in-residence. Arte would never want for anything, she would be secure in her position. It’s the sort of opportunity that any apprentice of the era would die for. Most never make it into a position of importance in their guilds. The artist at the guild the Falier’s frequent so much as says so. He’s a good deal older than Arte (although maybe not as old as Leo) and he is still just a low man on the ladder.

Katarina saw Arte’s hypocrisy and calls her out on it while also attempting to prove to Arte’s critics that she is an artist who can stand on her own. This isn’t pity or privilege, this is a young woman of talent! Also, Arte should take up the offer so she can stay with Katarina… it’s obvious to see Katarina’s desires on display.

The choice is a difficult one for Arte. She misses Leo and probably has a lingering desire to make good by him and a desire to finish her training under him. Yet she would be stupid to let the opportunity in front of her go. Every decision presented to her so far goes against the mold of individualism and tenacity that most manga protagonists follow. Many would tell her she would be a fool to not take the offer.

Yet that’s where the problem lies. She doesn’t want preferential treatment but she knows that it’s an offer she shouldn’t turn down. However, through the course of this episode, it’s clear that she still hasn’t learned to pace herself. She overworks herself once again and, even though she tries not to show it, the other artist’s opinions on her background and identity bother her. Plus there’s the issue of her attraction toward Leo and how inappropriate that is as her master. She really should stay in Venice… but we know she won’t. It will be the one time in the story where her heart rules over her head.

In Summary:
Once again, Arte pushes herself to the limit in the pursuit of her own growth. While her new friends worry over her health her old friends find themselves missing Arte’s presence in their life. Arte is back at the root of the problem she faces with what people expect of her and the advantages her privileged upbringing gives her. For a woman who so wants to succeed on her own merits, she has been told time and time again to gather her rosebuds while she may. That conflict between pride and privilege presents her with the most difficult decision yet. I have a good idea of what Arte will choose, but sometimes you have to follow your heart.

Episode Grade: B –

Streamed by: Funimation

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