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Video game clip aggregation cite gets revamped for May 2020.

Twitch is known for being great at streaming and getting clips of the action. The problem is the discoverability of clips once published. Searching for clips is a pain because the way Twitch built its search. This makes it harder for people to share these clips even after a game is done a few days later. This is where comes in with its newly remodeled website for clip aggregation. is a website geared to clip gathering and sharing.  The company uses artificial intelligence in order to find clips of players whether they’ve been hit by a famous content creators, or vice versa. It makes it simple by its interface where you can look up a players Twitch name or even their Epic account name in order to track clips from the time they played when streaming. For those who want to be able to pick clips and show great action it allows them the opportunity to do so. Another feature that they’ve also built-in it ways for content creators to find the best clips to share through their Highlight helper features.

Right now, the company is focused on Fortnite as it inspired Co-Founder and CEO Robert Pinkerton to create this venture. The idea came about from a game of Fortnite when my partner and I realized we had eliminated a couple of popular Twitch streamers. We wondered how often we had missed interactions like these and from that moment, the idea for was born. This truly is a grassroots project built by gamers, for gamers.” In time, they plan to expand further with time and new features for more popular games such as Valorant.

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