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The Weekly Movies Discussion Post For March 29th, 2020

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Movies in the time of lockdown.

Before delving into the recent viewings, some of the recent works we’ve checked out include Call of the Wild and Birds of Prey, the theatrical release of The Rhythm Section, and some catch-up recently on A Quiet Place and Cold Pursuit. This past month also had Darius stepping in to provide a review for The Photograph. We’re looking forward to when theaters can open again and get behind supporting them so we can continue to enjoy the big screen experience.

Sadly, I only got one movie watched this week though in the background I had a couple of comfort films in various Marvel movies playing that made me laugh and smile while writing. What I did get to watch was Murder on the Orient Express. I had seen this in the theater when it came out a couple of years ago and I’m still excited for the sequel as I’ve seriously loved Kenneth Branagh since Dead Again. This film worked really well for me in delivering a peculiar and distinctive Hercule Poirot but this viewing was fun as it was my daughter’s first time seeing an Agatha Christie story adapted. While familiar by name, seeing it unfold was definitely fun and I enjoyed the not being able to figure out who the killer is until the clues make things just blunt enough toward the third act that you can put it together with everything laid out. The film had a great cast in general and really delivered but it was Branagh who really delighted me the most here, especially with the little mustache cover that he wore while sleeping.

What are you watching this week?

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