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The Weekly Movies Discussion Post For February 9th, 2020

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I continue to be frustrated by how few movies I'm getting to see these days. I'm close to calling it a slump at this point. 

This past weekend had one of the bigger movies of the season opening with Birds of Prey and we were there opening day to take in the latest bit of Harley goodness. While I do think I’m more a fan of the TV animated series now more than anything else, it’s definitely a fun trip and enjoyable experience. Check out our review here.

This past week also had us taking in the Chinese CG animated film White Snake as well as the theatrical release of The Rhythm Section, which may be disappearing from theaters pretty soon.

I also did some catch-up recently on A Quiet Place and Cold Pursuit.

This week I mostly spent going down the path of some raunchy comedy films from the last few years of varying types. I took in The 40-Year-Old Virgin again and that still largely holds up, though there are just as many issues with it now as there were in 2005. I had a lot of fun revisiting Book Club and its sex and the older set stories while also taking Longshot for a spin. I’ve got such a mixed view of Seth Rogen and his comedies but there are more that I like than I don’t and him paired with Charlize Theron was just a delight. I also went for one of my favorites with Trainwreck as I really like the pairing of Heder and Schumer.

Sometimes you just need to laugh.

What have you been watching this week?



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