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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For January 19th, 2020

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So. Much. TV.
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The TV season started up more fully this past week which meant a lot of familiar shows landed again. It was good to get back into some of the sitcoms and I was glad to see that at least through their app that HGTV brought out the last two episodes of Boise Boys at long last. There are a few shows I’m watching that are wrapping up soon as well so it’s almost time to say some goodbyes.

We’ve got a look at the recent finale of See as well as checking out the finale for The Mandalorian and the latest on Harley Quinn.

The big event of this past week was the Crisis on Infinite Earths finale. I loved the additional of the new worlds that touched on favorite projects from DC Universe and elsewhere. I really liked the two-part finale in general as it tackled the big fights, the sacrifices, and then starting to see some of the changes that stem from it. It looks like Supergirl is being affected the most but Flash is going to get some changes as well I’m sure. It’s been a great event that delivered on all its promise – especially with Warner Bros. sending in someone to do a tie-in to their feature films that nobody expected would happen.

I had a good run of sitcoms this week but Modern Family stood out as it dealt with Fred Ward’s character as the eldest of the Dunphy’s. Without any fanfare, they moved his story to a conclusion for the final season and it was well-done. I’ve loved Ward’s work for years and he’s turned up in some really amusing places. He was incredibly well used for this series and played off everyone perfectly, but especially with his TV son in Ty Burrell. The Unicorn also had me laughing a lot this week and I’m getting excited for the last couple of episodes of The Good Place as big changes are unfolding there.

I can’t believe there are just two Arrow episodes left.

Similarly, we’re down to almost the end of Emergence and I’m enjoying it well enough but it needs something a little extra to really make a solid case for a second season. I am behind on Evil a bit as there are two episodes in my queue, and that’s about to wrap up as well making for a good binge ahead.

The streaming side was light for me this week as I was catching up on other stuff with my kids but I did finish off My Husband Won’t Fit. We talked about it last time around but it plays out in a very Japanese way here and was pretty heartwarming once the leads finally – finally – started talking to each other.

This allowed me to start up the release of the second season of Sex Education. This show is just an absolute hoot and I’m already pining for a third season because it’s so much fun. I’m halfway through it and the cast just nails everything here and has a great time with such weird, strange, and blunt moments of sexuality. Very recommended.

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