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‘Maid-sama!’ Anime Gets Netflix Distribution

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The Maid-sama! anime series has come and gone a few times with home video releases over the years and overseas distribution, as well as a second go-round with a bilingual edition. Now, the show has found its way to Netflix where the full twenty-six episode is streaming for audiences. The show didn’t get wider options for viewing, however, in that it’s available in its original Japanese language with English subtitles or the English language dub only. Check out the series page here.

Plot concept: Things aren’t easy for Misaki Ayuzawa. Not only is she the first female student council president at the formerly all-male Seika High, but she also works a job on the side to support her family after her dad leaves them in a mountain of debt. But Misaki doesn’t just work any job—at night this straight-A student is secretly a waitress at a local maid café! When Misaki’s cool, aloof, and oh-so-handsome schoolmate, Usui Takumi, discovers her big secret, Misaki’s double-life is in danger of being exposed to the whole school! Can Misaki convince Usui to keep her secret for her, or will the feared student council president be made into the student laughingstock? It’s a triple serving of romance, comedy, and schoolhouse drama, with a dash of danger for flavor. And it’s all served with a smile in Maid Sama!

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