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High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World! Episode #05 Anime Review

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“It Seems Akatsuki’s Becoming God Akatsuki”
© Riku Misora / Sacraneco / SB Creative

“It Seems Akatsuki’s Becoming God Akatsuki”

What They Say:

Seven high school prodigies are involved in an airplane crash. When they woke up, they found themselves in a parallel world where magic and beastmen exist. Of course, they panicked at their sudden unexpected predicament … or not? Instead, they create a power plant in a world that doesn’t have electricity, they did a little extra work and managed to take economic control over a metropolis, they managed to repay their gratitude to some oppressed citizens by upending a corrupt government, and basically doing whatever they like?!

Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):

With a new morning comes a fascinating sight greeting the citizens of Dormundt, as they watch a strange horseless carriage dragging an enormous trailer into the central plaza, with the strangest sight to come once the side opens to reveal what was hiding inside. To the delight of the gathered crowd they see Keine and Aoi dressed in skimpy bunny outfits as they entice the people to witness the spectacle, and with a colorful explosion they are introduced to someone who calls themselves God Akatsuki. Amazing to see this young boy float in midair the show becomes ever more wondrous as he makes the enormous obelisk behind him vanish and ever more surprisingly it suddenly reappears. After finishing his fascinating show of magic there is another puff of smoke and the familiar jars which were sold in the marketplace are shown, much to the pleasure of all gathered as Roo once again displays all how delicious the contents are … it is the condiment which no one can object to – mayonnaise! While they greedily take up free samples Tsukasa and Masato discuss the real reasons for the stage show and elevating their Prince to divine status: they are spreading the word of their new religion called the Seven-Light Faith with the rest as angels so as to make the people understand new changes to their society as rules handed down from above, and once they leave this transfer will be easier to understand since they ascended back into the heavens. But there is also another cause for this performance – hopefully remnants of the outlawed practice will recognize their old symbol and volunteer more information so they can also find a way home.

However as days pass with more imperial banners throughout the city being replaced by flags of the Faith and people flocking to Mayo Time, the mood of the populace reflects a new positive attitude even as guards welcome this change in leadership. But all are not pleased by this change, as Mayor Walter Von Haizerad looks on that night from his mansion fearing what may happen to the nobles if the people take over and considers fleeing for his family’s safety. As the door opens and a maid steps inside, he orders the woman to begin packing his belongings but is stunned once she reveals herself to be Tsukasa who has infiltrated his home. Questioning what will become of himself and the other rulers, this former prime minister calms the man and states he does not wish to harm them – instead what he desires is cooperation between Dormundt and the Seven-Light Faith. He then proposes a joint council to oversee the new democracy and help citizens accept this new form government, and as the sun rises the mayor announces to the people this city is now under the guidance of God Akatsuki and his angels. After the proclamation, the friends retire to an empty meeting room and make plans for their next step, to which Tsukasa decides they need to incorporate the soldiers of Findolf Castle and Dormundy watch into a new defensive force called Seven-Light Faith Knight Order … but they will need leader and he has such a person in mind, but will he join their cause?

In Summary:

While I can understand Tsukasa’s reason for creating a new religion, it still seems strange to elevate themselves as a god and angels all to have the people understand their declarations as divine messages, painting them as easily exploited and gullible to mistake science as magic and the overwhelming power of mayonnaise. However though one can see their intentions are not malicious, it appears the studio is underplaying the influence of the prodigies by cutting out key parts from the manga to show how as the group entertained everyone, it also allowed Keine to help the injured and sick with their miraculous medicines. This part was touched on in the episode by the doctor asking for a factory to make more antibiotics, but it was never stated why she needed them and if they showed the roadside shows curing people, it would have made the introduction of the Seven-Light Faith more nurturing and not as manipulating as they are now shown.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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