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Tubi TV Adds ‘Sola’ Anime Streaming

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Tubi TV has brought on another series that hasn’t seen some streaming in a bit with the addition of the Sola series that Bandai Entertainment released previously. The complete series is now available in its original Japanese language with English subtitles that you can see here.

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Plot Concept: Yorito Morimiya is a high school student who loves to take photos of the sky. One night, he goes out to the park to take a photo of the sky as it turns from night to day, when he meets a mysterious girl named Matsuri Shihou who longs to see the blue sky. However, she is actually an immortal ageless existence called Yaka, the Calamity of the Night, and has lived hundreds of years alone in the darkness of night. Matsuri has been involved and witnessed many tragedies throughout her long life, and now she has to face the past. Yorito and Matsuri’s chance meeting unravels a story that stood still for hundreds of years…