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Shochiku Schedules ‘Momotaro’ Anime Film Double Feature Release

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MomotaroWhen it comes to historical films worth preserving for their context of the time, Shochiku is definitely looking to do just that with the war era films Momotaro, Sacred Sailors and Spider & Tulip. The two films came out in the early 1940’s as part of propaganda films and have had varying impacts over the years since with what they represent. Shochiku is looking to bring them out as a double feature on August 3rd, 2016 priced at 4,700 yen for the Blu-ray and 2,800 yen for the DVD. With Sacred Sailors listed as the first feature-length anime film, it’ll come with a commentary track from film historians talking about the context of it, and a booklet as well.

Plot Concept: Momotaro sends a sneak aircraft attack to sink the ships of Demon Island, using his animal companions as crew members and pilots.

[Source: Momotaro, Sacred Sailors / Spider and Tulip]