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Christmas ‘Futsu no Joshikosei ga Locodol Yattemita’ Anime OVA Gets New Commercial

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Locodol 4The summer 2014 anime series Futsu no Joshikosei ga Locodol Yattemita has its second OVA hitting next week and now a new commercial spot has arrived to promote the broadcast. The property will be bringing out the special for broadcast on December 24th, 2015 and it’ll be a Christmas special in the show itself. The special will feature a new opening theme song from two of the lead female characters. The staff is the same as the previous TV incarnation. No release date has been set for the OVA itself on home video, though it will come after the broadcast.

The series title translates as Normal High School Girls Tried Being Local Idols, which began back in 2011 as serialized in Manga 4-kom Palette. Studio feel animated the previous adaptation with Munenori Nawa directing based on scripts by Yuniko Ayana and character designs by Yumi Shimizu. Miku Ito signed on to play Nanako Usami while Sachika Misawa took on the role of Yukari Kohinata.

Plot concept: By her uncle’s request, Nanako is an ordinary high school girl who teams up with her upperclassman Yukari to become their town’s local idols. The two get paid by the town to do interviews at malls, appear on local TV broadcasts and hold small live events on department store rooftops.Together, the two form the “locodol” group Nagarekawa Girls.

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