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‘So Cute It Hurts!!’ Manga Ending

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So Cute It Hurts HeaderWith Viz Media having picked up the license last year and releasing the first volume just over a month ago, it’s been announced that the manga series So Cute it Hurts!! is coming to a close. That’s not necessarily a bad thing for Viz Media though as Go Ikeyamada’s series just had its 11th volume released with the 12th and final to come. A lot of manga series plateau after the first few volumes so longer series see more and more drop off as time goes on, making this more manageable.

The final installment will be in the August 20th issue of Sho-Comi. Two volumes received OAD bundled anime episodes on DVD back in 2013 and 2014.

Series concept: The comedy starts when the cross-dressing begins! The Kobayashi twins, Mego and Mitsuru, were named after historical figures, but only Mego has grown up with a taste for history. So when Mitsuru is in danger of losing his weekends to extra history classes, he convinces his sister to swap clothes with him and ace his tests! After all, how hard can it be for them to play each other?

But Mego can’t rely on just her book smarts in Mitsuru’s all-boys, delinquents’ paradise of a high school. And Mitsuru finds life as a high school girl to be much more complicated than he expected!

[Source: ANN]

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