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Skottie Young Tackles ‘Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX’ Series

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AvX Issue 1 HeaderFans seriously enjoy what Skottie Young brings to the Marvel Comics world with his little sized versions of the characters that are just playful and absolutely fun, especially with the variant covers for many series. Now he’s getting a shot at a new Secret Wars series with Giant-Size Little Marvel AvX, which lets him get down in dirty in the Battleworld, just in a smaller form.

“I just like the idea of these two groups being at odds with each other at all times,” says Skottie Young in an interview with “It’s like when you and your friends had a club house and your rivals had one a few streets over. It’s all about who’s crew is the best, except the kids in my story shoot eye lasers and can summon demons from Limbo.”

Check out the cover and preview pages below!

Plot concept: It’s all-out war between the two biggest factions in the Marvel Universe! The toughest, craziest and most popular Marvel heroes are going to THROW DOWN on the surface of Battleworld. Featuring the likes of Cyclops, Hawkeye, Magik, Black Widow, Wolverine, Captain America and many, many more. They’re all here – just shorter!

This June, Skottie Young brings out the big guns for the series fans have been waiting for! Don’t miss one moment of the pulse-pounding action when GIANT-SIZE LITTLE MARVEL: AVX #1 takes one giant-size leap into comic shop and digital devices this June!

Art & Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG
On Sale This June!

Giant_Size_Little_Marvel_AvX_1_Cover Giant-Size_Little_Marvel_Avx_Inks_1 Giant-Size_Little_Marvel_Avx_Inks_2 Giant-Size_Little_Marvel_Avx_Inks_3

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