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Viz Media Sets More April 2015 Manga Releases

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Food Wars Volume 5
Food Wars Volume 5

Viz Media is rounding out more of its second quarter plans for 2015 this week as a new slate of books have been solicited to retailers, with our friends at Right Stuf getting the goods listed already. The month of Apil now has twenty-three additional books added to the list, though they’re all ongoings at this point. What we do have are a couple of new starts getting some early volumes, such as Meteor Prince and Yukarism getting their second installments and the very popular Food Wars! getting its fifth. Assassination Classroom is also nicely time as that will come out after the anime ends its winter broadcast. We also see some omnibus material here with Gyo getting a compilation and the debut of a new Monster perfect edition as well as a new Viz BIG Edition of Vagabond.

What will you pick up?

  1. Meteor Prince Graphic Novel 2
  2. Pokemon Adventures: Black and White Graphic Novel 7
  3. Black Lagoon Graphic Novel 10
  4. Dengeki Daisy Graphic Novel 16
  5. World Trigger Graphic Novel 5
  6. Vagabond Graphic Novel 37
  7. Skip Beat! Graphic Novel 34
  8. Library Wars: Love & War Graphic Novel 13
  9. Assassination Classroom Graphic Novel 3
  10. Yukarism Graphic Novel 2
  11. Food Wars! Graphic Novel 5
  12. Toriko Graphic Novel 27
  13. Vagabond BIG Edition Graphic Novel 12
  14. My Love Story!! Graphic Novel 4
  15. Monster (Naoki Urasawa) Perfect Edition Graphic Novel 4
  16. Dorohedoro Graphic Novel 15
  17. Itsuwaribito Graphic Novel 14
  18. Case Closed (Detective Conan) Graphic Novel 54
  19. Deadman Wonderland Graphic Novel 8
  20. Voice Over! Seiyu Academy Graphic Novel 10
  21. Magi Graphic Novel 11
  22. Hello Kitty Graphic Novel 7: Fashion Music Wonderland
  23. Gyo Graphic Novel 1-2 Omnibus