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‘Dear Brother’ Anime Funding Succeeds On Anime Sols

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Dear Brother
Dear Brother

Added to the service back in the middle of August, things have panned out for Dear Brother in the end as the first set has achieved its goal and gone into overtime for additional people to commit to. The series is known among many circles as Onii-sama e… and ran for 39 episodes back in 1991-1992 as a popular series based on the manga of the same name by Ryoko Ikeda which was originally published in 1975.  Anime Sols will be streaming it with the first episode already live and will be adding new episodes every Friday. The first set that they’re producing will be for the first thirteen episodes on DVD for a total funding price of $13,000. Pledge support has a number of tiers with the DVD box itself being a bit cheaper this time than previous ones at $30.

Plot concept: When starting at a new school, Nanako is thrust into the world of female rivalry and love. She is choosen into the Sorority, giving her an enviable postition according to all the girls left out. However, since Nanako is not from a wealthy family, most girls find it unfair that she was choosen. Nanako is left to protect herself from wicked rumors and mean plots to make her leave the school. Along with her best friend since preschool, and new friends made along the way, she uncovers the past of some of the more popular girls in school and on her journey through highschool she learns of love, loss and her own family’s secrets…

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