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Aiura Episode #04 Anime Review

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Aiura Episode 4
Aiura Episode 4

Sometimes you do just have to knock their block off, even if it’s just with a pillow.

What They Say:
They don’t always see eye-to-eye, but that just makes these high school girls’ daily lives more fun. “Their lives happen when nothing is happening” in this anime based on the lackadaisical four-panel manga. *This story features high school girls, but there’s not much romance, and comedy has its place. Don’t expect too much extravagance.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Sometimes even though you’re friends with someone, you have to make it clear they’re a problem. Some, like Kanaka, just revel in it even after having Saki beat on her some physically and verbally about what a struggle it is to have someone like her as a friend. While we get some fun between the two of them at the start, the show gives us a but of fun with the teachers as it brings in Misuzu who is quite pleased that she can still wear the students outfits and looks just like one. This frustrates the heck out of Shusaku, the math teacher, and he comes up with a comical solution to fix it. The banter between the two is pretty fun and it manages to actually make me want to see more of Misuzu, even though I typically dislike that kind of character.

In Summary:
While the frustration continues that this is such a painfully short show full of excellent material, scripting and animation/design wise, it’s one that I can see being an absolute treat to watch in marathon form when it’s all said and done. This episode gives us some good quality time with Kanaka and Saki, which is definitely fun to watch, but it also gives us some time with the “adults” of the series, which is just as amusing if for different reasons. With a focus on Misuzu, Shusaku and Sumiko as well, we get three different personalities and views on things and some great little gags with Misuzu that managed to get her to charm me when I thought I couldn’t stand that archetype anymore. Aiura continues to be one of the most charming series of the season.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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Aiura Episode 4

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