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Otakon News & Updates

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Otakon began yesterday down in Baltimore and it’s considered the end part of the big summer convention season. After the deluge of news and updates throughout Anime Expo and the fun of San Diego Comic-Con which had us doing lots of non-anime/manga material as well, Otakon wraps things up for the main convention season. Having spent the 4th of July weekend glued to the computer and the SDCC time period mostly the same, we’re actually away for most of this weekend, so Otakon coverage and reporting will come after the convention is over. We do, however, have a solid section of news, discussion and updates that will be happening in real time in the forums since so much of what comes out of the con circuit is revealed through twitter and live blogging. So be sure to check in to our Otakon Discussion Forum to see the schedules, news and more!

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