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Questioning Fandom: What Do You Wish Was Pushed On You More?

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As anyone who follows what I’ve done over the last fifteen years online will know, I consume a lot of entertainment across multiple mediums. But as is the case, one simply cannot see it all. In some cases, it’s because of fear. In particular, I really wanted to get into Fringe when it started airing back in 2008 but there was no way in hell I was going to commit myself to watching a science fiction show on Fox. Suffice to say I’ve been on that bridge as it’s burned around me far too many times with that network. With the show close to finishing out its fourth season, I’m still surprised it’s on the air (though there are obvious reasons why it is). Back in the Christmas shopping season of 2010, I picked up the first season on Blu-ray for dirty cheap and finally started watching it over the last two weeks, doing a bit of a marathon for the twenty episode season. While I was originally going into it just because I liked Joshua Jackson (Pacey!), I also had hopes for an interesting take on the X-Files kind of mentality.

But as the season progressed, I got more and more into it. Very into it. I’d make sure I could sneak in at least an episode a day when I was in the middle of watching anime series for review, and one days when I didn’t I’d get through four episodes between other things. The show did to me what only a few serial live action science fiction shows do and really drew me into its mythology. It had me in the same way as Bablyon 5 in its second and third seasons and the majority of Battlestar Galactica. While the show grossed me out plenty of times as it dealt with surreal cases and some pretty graphic material dealing with bodies, the large science fiction storyline that developed over the course of it really grabbed me and demanded to be watch.

And at the end of the first season, I hopped on Twitter and demanded (jokingly!) to know why people didn’t push this series harder. Of course, that lead to plenty of spirited fun about the show and where it goes, but it got me to thinking. How many shows do you know now that you wish were pushed on your more when they first started airing? What do you regret not getting into earlier than you did? And conversely, what shows do you push on your friends and family that you really wish that they’d get into but never seem to do until much later and then act like it’s a revelation about how awesome it is?

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