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Star Wars Thursday: Halloween Edition

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Star Wars Thursday, a celebration of all things fun, wild, and wacky in the Star Wars universe!

It’s getting close to one of my favorite times of the year – a time when people everywhere dress up as their favorite science fiction or comic book heroes. No, I don’t mean yet another Comic-Con. It’s Halloween! I’m not dressing up in Star Wars garb this year, because my sons are insisting I join in their Harry Potter extravaganza, but I decided to showcase some amazing, odd, and downright adorable Star Wars costumes the entire family can enjoy.

Let’s start with the littlest geekling in your home, shall we? This Yoda hat is easily the cutest baby accessory I’ve seen in a while. It has the added bonus of excusing your baby or toddler’s atrocious grammar. “Talk so good, she does not?” No problem! She’s just really in character. The best part is that you can actually buy this hat from the Etsy site, and you don’t have to make it yourself. I also spotted knitted Leia buns on a baby hat and an Ewok hood. I may have to start frequenting Etsy more often.

So many people dress up as Darth Vader that it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Not, however, in this. With the pink skirt and lightsaber, you will be noticed. Just be prepared to force choke a whole lot of people who believe a mash up of Lord Vader and Hello Kitty is an abomination that must be wiped out of existence. (Much like Jar-Jar, but that’s a whole separate post!) Best of all, this costume can work for men or women – maybe go as a matched set!

Don’t leave out “man’s best friend” (dogs, not Chewie) this Halloween! I’m amazed that any dog would wear this. My dogs barely tolerate a collar. This photo has been circulating around the internet the past week or so, but I saw it first via Neatorama.

Wrapping up my unique costumes edition is a homemade ATST. When I read that it was made out of cardboard and created from paper templates, I was just blown away. Check out this video to see how it moves, and how the basic parts come together. No “Jedi mind tricks” here, just crafty skill.

If you want more details about the outfit itself, check out the write-up at Fricking Sweet.

I’d love to see photos if any of you decide to try your hand at garbing yourself in Star Wars fashion this Halloween. Be creative, have fun, and show your Star Wars love. That’s it for the week, rebels and Sith. Be safe, and dream of large candy bars.