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DC Comics ‘Justice League’ Goes For Third Printing

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Things just seem to keep getting better and better for DC Comics at the moment with their relaunch, though tomorrow will be far more telling overall. On the distributor level, the first issue of Justice League sold out and the reorders were high so a 2nd printing was put through. That second printing has also been sold out at the distributor level (i.e. they’re all landing in retailers now) and a third printing has been put to press to meet demand. This week sees the release of the first full wave of titles and several are already selling out at the distributor level with Batgirl, Action Comics and we’re hearing the same for Hawk & Dove as well. On the digital side, things were going so well for Comixology with this single issue last week that they said, “OK friends, how about you buy a comic from our iOS app, & prove comics can beat games. We’re behind just ONE GAME in top revenue on iTunes!” Considering the game apps generate the most revenue for iOS in general with all the in-app purchases and the like, never mind actual game purchases themselves, that’s pretty significant.

All eyes are on Wednesday with the slate of titles out and the attention they’re getting via various previews at mainstream portals this week.

From DC Comics:

Following YAHOO.COM’s exclusive preview of ACTION COMICS #1 and the NEW YORK POST’s exclusive preview of BATGIRL #1, both first issues will receive a second printing, while JUSTICE LEAGUE will receive a third printing since the second printing sold out in 24 hours.

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