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ASM Adds ‘Fun Time Girls’

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Adult Source Media has dropped the news about their next title that will arrive on August 4th to retailers with Fun Time Girls. Or, if your retailer of choice lists it with their “hard” version of the title and cover, it’s actually Fun Time Whores. The new sixty minute feature, priced at $24.95, is an English language only release that brings out several “sexy goodness” scenes to enjoy from various other shows over the years, some older and some newer.

“Wet, Wild & Willing…What happens when you lasso a bunch of man-crazed ladies & let them loose on the streets of Tokyo? Mayhem, debauchery & fornication! These Fun Time Whores are on the hunt & you’re the prey! Work up your sexual appetite because this buffet of babes is going to satisfy your craving.”

We’ve included both versions of the cover below, but have used a smaller version of the more explicit cover so that it doesn’t jump out at you or you’re not in a place where you should see such things. Just give it a click to see the larger version.

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