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Batman And Superman… Lingerie?

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For a lot of people my age, we grew up with Underoos as our pajamas of choice when we were kids, and you can still get some variants of them today though nostaglia still holds strong for “when they were done right” back in our day. That said, time moves forward and Japan knows no bounds as, courtesy of an article by Patrick Macias for, we can now know that the harajuku girl of Japan can have her very own Batman and Superman bra and panty set, along with a few other items as well. You can see more over at the Aimerfeel Japanese retail store site (NSFW) as they have some pajama sets and a whole lot of non-superhero stuff.

We’ll just wait until the Wonder Woman set arrives with its invisible properties.

Batman gets undercover with this set?

Nothing like having Superman at your back(side)?