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Cinemax Sets ‘Transporter’ TV Series With Luc Besson

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It’s been in the talks for awhile, but Deadline Hollywood is saying it’s a done deal as Cinemax is teaming with Luc Besson to create a Transporter TV series. The pay channels continue to find ways to beef up their offerings with original programming that can be harder to do elsewhere, and on their own schedules, and Cinemax is looking to go with something a bit more action oriented that fits with its overall brand image. According to the piece, Cinemax is signing on for twlve episodes that will be produced by Atlantique with Luc Besson serving as an executive producer on it.

”Transporter, the series, will center on professional transporter Frank Martin, played in the movies by Jason Statham.  Operating in a seedy underworld of dangerous criminals and desperate players, Martin can always be counted on to get the job done — discreetly. He has three rules: Never change the deal, no names and never open the package.”

The series has been budgeted for $48 million and has secured broadcasters in France and Germany as well.

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