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Resident Evil 5 Slated For 2012

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It’s not that much of a surprise that Sony Pictures’ Screen Gems has announced a fifth installment of Resident Evil. The fourth installment, Afterlife, was made for about 60 million and netted just under 300 million worldwide, something that’s often forgotten as the film came and went in the US back in 2010 and landed on video pretty quickly as well. The features definitely have an audience (myself included as they’re real guilty pleasures) and Afterlife had some rather interesting aspects to it.

The fifth installment, as yet unnamed, is set for a September 14th, 2012 release. Most of the primary players are expected to return, especially as the features director Paul W.S. Anderson indicated he had a path in mind for the next one, and if he’s there, Jovovich will be there as well. The movies are pretty easy bank at this point, especially when you create a fourth one and earn this much money before even taking in home video and other revenue streams.

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