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One Piece Episode #1099 Anime Review

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© Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha · Fuji Television · Toei Animation

“Preparations for Interception! Rob Lucci Strikes!”

What They Say:
CP-0 led by Rob Lucci makes a forced landing at Egghead and people on the Fabriophase are plunged into confusion while Shaka and the others prepare to fight back on the Labophase. The enraged Atlas stands up to defend the peace of the island.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
There’s been a good bit of interesting backstory and exploration of history of the world done in the past few episodes along with some fun moments of action. A lot of the focus has been on Vegapunk and the various aspects of him out there and it’s certainly expanded our understanding of the world, even if some of it just feels a bit too weird even for this world. But it is part of the larger round of worldbuilding that Oda has done for a long time now so even if it does feel weird there is a cohesiveness to it that does allow it to work even if it just feels slightly off to me. What’s helped this round is that I’m enjoying some of the new characters like Bonney and the Vegapunk aspects and what they bring to the table so far. I am, however, less enamored of the CP-0 group and always have been, so getting this iteration of them once again doesn’t exactly excite me.

Their arrival at the island is not going over well as the Vegapunks are telling them they’re not welcome and to simply leave. Lucci just sees this as confirming his view that they need to be here and they’re simply going to take a different approach to get there instead of by ship. That explosion gets Luffy clued into things as well and Jimbei telling him that CP-0 is more dangerous than CP-9, which is Lufy’s first thought. What’s interesting is that even though both Straw Hat groups are in different places, they catch onto the threat quickly since Lucci and the rest are just bluntly on the island now even as the ship explodes and is torn apart and both groups recognize the threat that exists. It sets the tone well and while the missions will end up being different in what they do, it’s a nice moment of alignment and pairs them well with the Vegapunks that they’re with. And it showcases some of how the general citizens handle such threats.

A good chunk of the episode is dedicated to the action, One Piece-style, so you get a lot of running around, some low-level guys on CP-0’s side getting smacked around, and a push by the CP-0 group to try and find Vegapunk and deal with him. There are just so many different things that the island has that slows down this progress that it’s amusing to watch them as it’s like being in a carnival house of horrors with all of its bright colors and the like. CP-0 has its own surprises as well and we get a taste of what Lucci can do as well, so it’s pretty standard early-arc setup for all the sides. The Straw Hats aren’t too involved overall as they’re not the first line of defense or anything (yet) as the focus is on showing what the Egghead Island folks can do. A lot of it is just focused on survival and escape, however, especially after some of them get taken down very hard by Lucci and his group.

In Summary:
There’s a lot going on within this episode but it’s also following a familiar trajectory pretty well for long-time One Piece viewers. That’s not a bad thing but it’s just familiar in terms of execution. The CP-0 group making landfall on Egghead Island gets the action rolling again and we see how quickly things turn for everyone involved. Luffy is, amusingly, just excited about a rocket ride but you can see how invested he’ll be in this place soon enough and just how involved everyone will become. There are some very fun moments here and some dark ones where things go badly as well but I’m still just wary of CP-0 and their presentation here since it is, at the moment, very understated.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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