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New Digital Releases For April 2nd, 2024

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Check out the latest non-anime releases getting a digital release this week.
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The first release week of April is here when it comes to digital releases which are often things that come out before any home video release – if a home video release option is even going to be available.

This week has a number of new releases from theatrical making their digital debut after getting a few last week. The bulk of this week comes from the Hallmark side of Cineverse and it’s worth noting that they’re also the ones that are setting home video release dates as well for titles as more works are being skipped for that medium. Universal, Paramount, and Lionsgate have some new things arriving on digital as well but have not set home video release dates yet.

Available Title Studio Disc Street
4/2/24 The American Society of Magical Negroes Universal NA
4/2/24 Snack Shack Paramount NA
4/2/24 Aloha Heart Cineverse/Hallmark 4/2/24
4/2/24 A Very Venice Romance Cineverse/Hallmark 4/2/24
4/2/24 Field Day Cineverse/Hallmark 4/2/24
4/2/24 Making Waves Cineverse/Hallmark 4/2/24
4/2/24 Napa Ever After Cineverse/Hallmark 4/2/24
4/2/24 Notes of Autumn Cineverse/Hallmark 4/2/24
4/5/24 Strictly Confidential Lionsgate NA

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