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30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 2: Your Favorite Character

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When looking at a favorite character, I was really torn in figuring out which one I would go with. My first instinct was to go with the Grendel universe and use Grendel as a whole, or Hunter Rose specifically since I’ve long adored that property and the way it works. But part of the appeal of the entire Grendel universe is that it shifts the characters out and new people are inhabited by the spirit of it. So it’s less about a specific character and more the whole feeling.

So in the end, I had to go back with the one that really charmed me back in the 80’s with Nexus. Though I didn’t get in on it right away because it was a direct market book early on with Capital Comics, when I got my hands on the works and other Nexus books, I fell in love. A lot of the appeal of the series is that the team of Mike Baron and Steve Rude gave us cosmic level superhero material in a sense, but they didn’t shy away from the hard material. Nexus is judge, jury and executioner and has no real issues with it for the most part as he runs his place and deals with a host of other issues over the various runs. What draws with the character is that there is a lot of nuance to it, a good deal of politics and ethics mixed in and an approach with dealing with real world situations through someone with immense power and no reservations about using it. That made for some great books over the years, from the black and white early ones to the ongoing and miniseries that kep it rolling up through new material in 2012 as part of Dark Horse Presents.

Over the years, the title won a lot of acclaim for what its characters did through the hands of Baron and Rude with it winning six Eisner awards.

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