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Overflow Episode #04 Anime Review

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“Hot, Bothered, and Out Of Control”

What They Say:
Kazushi Sudou is a university student who is visited by his two childhood friends, the sisters Ayane and Kotone Shirakawa. When Ayane discovers that Kazushi not only forgot to buy her pudding but is also using her special lotion in the bath, she decides to take revenge and join Kazushi in his bath along with Kotone. Will the perverted Kazushi be able to remain indifferent to them both?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the situation between the trio getting more complicated Sudou’s in that awkward place of trying to reach but being basically being friend-zoned for the moment. Ayane has basically gone for a while and that just leaves him with Kotone, who knows he must have done something to upset Ayane. Ayane is even rebuffing Kotone a bit. So that has Sudou being drawn into helping Kotone with studying since she needs help and without Ayane she has to turn to him. Even though the two of them had that bath encounter before, they’re able to just put it behind them and focus on everything else which is interesting to see. Of course, situations are what they are and while Kotone was keeping things simple, she’s also now making a big play for him after having some alcohol-based treats. And, being hentai, she’s able to overpower Sudou pretty easily to get what she wants, leading to a pretty intense sequence between the two for our hentai element.

In Summary:
If you go by lowered inhibitions revealing more honest feelings, Kotone makes it clear she’s been interested in Sudou for some time and is glad to get another round with him even if she played it down previously. And he’s all too happy to oblige as well because it is a good time for all involved. I do like seeing Sudou struggle with things when it comes to Ayane but also his being glad that Kotone didn’t seem upset by their first encounter and figured it was end of story. Of course, that’s not what happens but it’s the kind of amusing back-and-forth that works well for shorter stories like this.

Grade: B

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