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30 Days Of Anime Challenge Day 4: Your Anime Crush

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©Aruko, Kazune Kawahara / Shueisha, Oremonogatari Project

The third day of the 30 Day Anime Challenge is a difficult one in a different way as it asks you who your anime crush is. An anime crush is not exactly something I’ve ever really had in a way simply because that’s not been my thing as I came into a lot of anime more as an adult than as a kid or teenager with all the raging emotions. I enjoy a lot of shows and a lot of characters, but I don’t think I’ve ever truly crushed on any of them. Being older now, there can be a certain discomfort with these kinds of things, but you just have to enjoy it for what it is. That said, there are characters that really do resonate well with me over the years and in their own way stand the test of time for me.

The Standard All-Around Awesome Crush

I’ve long, long, been a sucker for Ayukawa. My first exposure to her in the Kimagure Orange Road OVAs did me in and especially when she had English speaking lines. Here was a young woman who knew something of the world, had an idea of what she wanted, can hold her own, and was eventually written to be able to do anything while still having that soft and vulnerable side. While she may be the everywoman that a lot of guys can crush on, she backed it up well and made me a lifelong believer. And she’s the only one that I thought actually made out even better in a fanfic when it came to Kimagure Orange College. A series that I will one day have animated should I come into great wealth.

The “Oh My God This Isn’t Good” Crush

This is one of those cringe-inducing ones because of her age, but the character is one that I would follow to the stars anywhere much as Jinto does in the Crest of the Stars series. She’s backed by royal lineage but has a hands-on approach to everything. She can be rash but also highly creative and she’s the kind of character that can cut you down harder with a few choice words than with a weapon. With her origins in the world of novels, she’s far more fleshed out there than in the anime series, but what we do get of her is just priceless. And man does she ever fill out a uniform just right.

The “I’d Marry You In A Heartbeat” Crush

Kyoko Otonashi from Maison Ikkoku is the kind of woman that you’d step in and do anything for. With the edge of sadness that’s there to her, she offers up the ability to be someone that you want to protect and care for without her being a whiny little wench. She’s suffered but has kept her composure, she knows fully well who she is and she does what she thinks is right when it comes to traditions and appearances, but also knows when to step away from them. She may only be wearing outfits around the apartments that she manages but she has a certain look about her that’s real that can draw you in. She’s a beautiful character that doesn’t flaunt it and doesn’t have others commenting on it constantly. She has a classic nature about her that’s rooted in the real world.

Oh Yes, I’d So Go There Crush

This is more of a manga crush than an anime one as I haven’t seen the anime, but Sakuya Ookochi from Sensual Phrase is one of the few male characters that just amp up the feelings, much like a 90s era Chow Yun-fat does for me. While often you look at the women in anime and wonder why they have such bad taste in men or do foolish things for guys that are just plain bad in so many ways, this is the series where you completely understand why Aine is so devoted to him and lusts after him. Every scene where she’s overpowered by him are scenes that even guys can get into and fully understand. The man has it going on and knows exactly how to use it. And uses it well. Okay, I need to read this series again. Yum…

And as a bonus round goes… let’s add in a little

Hentai Women Worth Crushing On

There’s a whole slew of women to crush on here for different reasons, but the ones that stick in my mind the most (sans eggs, you bastards) are the women from Consenting Adultery and Boobalicious, aka Milk Junkies. The first one has some of the best character designs and really go all out in having fun with the characters in that you’d love to really know them and hang out in that apartment complex. The second one is all about the over the top designs, but still somewhere within the realm of reality at times, where it’s so goofy with the personalities and outfits that you can’t help but wonder what a tumble there would be like.

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